Fall for your Floor! 
Outdoor-inspired designs hit home every fall it seems; can you picture any of our seasonal designer-picks in your home? We can, and we'll share tips about our designing process in this article. Click to read about design tips, find out about seasonal savings, and see..

...Inspirations Designed to ImPress!

"We've fallen
In love
with floors
inspired by
the outdoors

    We design spaces all day, every day...  
    ...adding defining features like flooring & window treatments to spaces that aren't our own is a skill we've mastered over time. No matter what our customers' tastes, we have a variety of products that are designed to match every style while being built to satisfy individual needs. We identify individual preferences & needs by asking critical questions about your home. Some of the more design-based questions we find ourselves frequently asking include:

    Some questions we ask:
    . How big is your space
    . How much light does your space absorb
    3. What other colors are we designing around

    Some questions you can ask yourself...
    ...when mentally picturing your space:
    - What makes you feel comfortable?
    - What keeps you most productive?
    - What best serves your memory of the space you're creating; what's your ideal "space."
    - While contemplating this, we thought about one space where we all feel inspired to build our own: nature.

                I challenged...

                ...our design team to craft mood boards based entirely on outdoor photos I took in our area using in-store products. These designer-picks will be promoted until December 12, 2020 for $50 off any purchase exceeding $500 & including any number of the products listed below. This offer is valid for one transaction only, no coupon necessary.

                All of the products featured in the following images can also be viewed on our website via the provided links. Check 'em out,
                we've fallen in love with floors inspired by the outdoors. Find yours!


                Wood-Look Flooring
                Stone-Look Flooring
                Mosaic Wall Tile
                Window Treatment






                Wood-Look Flooring
                Stone-Look Flooring
                Carpet (back right)
                Carpet (middle right)
                Carpet (front right)

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