Our four-legged family members are just as important to us as their two-legged counterparts. Almost ¾ of American homes have pets, so if you treat Fido like a member of the family, you’re not alone!

But even the best trained pup or kitty has accidents from time to time, and even the best behaved critter can cause damage if we’re not careful. As an end result, we’ll need special flooring to prepare for those inevitable pet-cidents.

So, what kind of floor is best for you and Fido? Here are some options to consider:

  • Tile: aside from the ease of cleaning up the “accidents” that will inevitably happen, tiles prevent another type of pet damage – namely, the damage caused by nails. If your pet’s nails aren’t regularly trimmed, they can cause rips and tears in a carpet. Having a tile floor – aside from being more durable than its carpeted counterpart – eliminates this risk.
  • Laminate: today’s laminate floors are much more durable, and much more stylish, than the laminate floors of yesterday. Some laminate floors even go so far as to look like realistic hardwood!
  • Vinyl: like laminate, today’s vinyl floors are much more durable and stylish than ever before. They’re also very easy to clean: every day, pass a dust mop on the floor. Once a week, mop the floor with hot water and a non-toxic cleaner.
  • Concrete: concrete is one of the most durable materials to use in general, but is especially durable on floors. Today’s concrete is also very stylish – a simple acid-wash stain can create a gorgeous, “faux marble” type look. If you’re bold enough to try this look, concrete may be right for you.
Most of all, when picking out a new Fido friendly floor, consider Fido’s needs as well. What will make him/her feel right at home? CONTACT US TODAY to see what some of our suggestions are for a pet-friendly floor treatment!