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About Carpet

  • Carpet comes in either 12' or 15' wide rolls; usually 12'.
  • Carpet is made from a variety of yarns such as: SmartStrand, nylon, olefin, polyester, and wool. Each has their own unique abilities for performance and cost point.
  • Most carpets are constructed with a double-backing: the Primary Backing is what the yarn is tufted into, and the Secondary Backing is the attached to that. You can see these finished backings by simply turning over and looking at the back of the carpet; the construction of the backing helps determine cost and wearability. Some of the most common backings are action back, jute back, and high pic back.
  • Carpet fibers are colored in many ways: solution dyeing and beck dyeing. Solution Dyed fibers are colored while they are being made, giving them color from the "inside out." Beck Dyed fibers are colored "in one piece" post-tufting.
  • Carpet fibers can come looped, cut and standing straight, cut with extra twist, or as a cut and loop combination.
  • Carpet padding comes in a variety of compositions, and is one of the biggest factors in determining how long carpet can last; buying a high-quality padding will extend the carpet's warranty and reduce wear on the face.