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About Tile

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, and Natural Stone
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tile are both made from a clay mixture, but porcelain is fired at a hotter temperature than ceramic, making it more refined and therefore more durable.
    • You can install "floor tile" on the wall, but you can't install "wall tile" on floors. This is because wall tile is mostly soft ceramic without any slip resistance.
  • High quality porcelain tile can be installed outside in climates where freezing occurs.
  • Rectified tiles are exactly the same size on all four sides, with no variance from one tile to the next; whereas normal tiles are not guaranteed to be exact and require larger grout joints.
  • Natural Stone always needs to be sealed, but porcelain and ceramic tile do not.
  • Glass tile is a nice accent for ceramic tile, but is never warranted or specified for use on the floor.