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Living room with light beige carpet flooring

Carpet 101

Living room with carpet flooring

What Is Carpet?

Carpet is a category with an incredible variety of designs and types of construction. How do you know which one is right for you? This definitive guide will give you everything you need to make a well-informed decision...

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Living room with fireplace and carpet flooring

How to Protect Your Carpet

Carpet is a beautiful and functional flooring type that has been enjoyed by homeowners for centuries. While luxury vinyl and other surfaces have become immensely popular in recent years, carpet has a warmth and comfort that is tough to recreate with any other material...

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Woman rolling up carpet

How Long Does Carpet Last

Remodeling your home with new flooring is a big decision, and you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. For many customers, longevity is a primary concern. After making a substantial investment, the last thing you want to worry about is when you’ll have to do it all over again...

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Person cleaning carpet stains

How to Clean Carpet Stains

Every homeowner loves the idea of a plush, comforting carpet to liven up the home. What they don’t love is the potential for stains. Due to carpet’s soft and porous nature, this flooring type can be easily damaged by various liquids. There’s nothing worse than making a sizable investment in a carpet installation, only to deal with stains and discoloration that could have been avoided...

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Hallway with beautiful pattered carpet

What is Patterned Carpet

Carpet is one of the more elegant flooring choices you can make for your home. On top of its refined, timeless appearance, carpet is incredibly functional and can increase the comfort of your living space. Although basic, monotone color palettes are what may first come to mind, you’ll be pleased to learn that carpet is available in a vast array of patterned styles...

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Woman cleaning carpet in a bright room

How to Deep Clean the Carpet

Carpeting is a fantastic flooring option that has been a mainstay for millennia, with the first use going back thousands of years in Central Asia. Today, carpeting is still a popular choice for home furnishing and comes with an expansive list of benefits that set it apart from other flooring types...

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Bright modern living room with carpet flooring

Is My Vacuum Cleaner Damaging My Carpet?

When carpet suddenly starts to fray, fuzz, pull apart or look shaggy, you might not realize that your choice in vacuum cleaners could be the culprit! The qualities that many leading vacuum brands are known for are sometimes precisely what makes them unsuitable for some types of carpet. High-end ...

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Apartment with light beige carpet flooring

How to Remove Most Carpet Stains

Coffee. Red Wine. Ketchup and mustard. Just the mention of these most common stain offenders is enough to send a chill down the spine of homeowners everywhere. And from holidays to birthdays, Super Bowls to March Madness, there is an endless source of get-togethers in your home, with every meal a ...

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Girl playing toy piano in a room with soft carpet flooring

SmartStrand Carpet Featuring ColorMax Technology

It’s no secret that today’s homeowners prefer the look of natural materials like wood and stone in interior design. Neutral walls and nature-inspired surfaces remain popular trends just about everywhere you look. But this doesn’t mean there’s not a place for wall-to-wall carpet! If you want that ...

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Blue area rug under modern dining room table

How to Choose a Rug for a Dining Room

Kim and Christian of KC Design Co. share their advice on how to choose the perfect style for your dining room rug plus what fiber qualities to look for.Hi Friends!  Have you ever thought about adding a rug to your dining room and are unsure about where to begin? I had been considering one for a ...

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Patterned carpet under sectional sofa

Karastan Kashmere Carpet: New Styles

Karastan Kashmere nylon carpets combine luxurious feel, fine craftsmanship and trend-setting style with the ultimate in durability. This year, the brand released several new and updated styles in the Kashmere line, including adventurous patterns and eye-popping colors. Hear from Karastan designer ...

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Karastan SmartStrand carpet in a minimalist living room

Karastan SmartStrand Carpet: New Styles

Karastan SmartStrand carpet is known for being luxuriously soft and extremely durable while also delivering the ultimate in stain-resistance and ease of care. With a variety of styles in lighter shades of beige, white and grey, Karastan SmartStrand carpet makes it possible to enjoy luxury and ...

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Blue area rug under a white bed in a tropical bedroom

How to Position Your Furniture on a Rug in a Bedroom

Chaney Widmer, the founder of Mix & Match Design Company, shares her favorite options for styling bedroom rugs.Rugs are one of my favorite ways to up the cozy factor and give a room a finished look. I love how they have the ability to “ground” your furniture and define a space, but it’s not always ...

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Small dog sitting on a white area rug in a living room

Why I Chose Stylish, Pet-Friendly Carpet

Lori from The Finished Project is a design and DIY-enthusiast, sharing her latest woodworking projects and home décor on her blog. Here, she shares how a custom SmartStrand carpet-bound rug made her sitting room the perfect spot to unwind with her adorable pup, Ted. Hey, friends! We recently made an ...

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Patterned area rug in a taupe bedroom

How to Choose the Right Size and Style for Your Area Rug

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home or simply tie a room together, area rugs can help you achieve your décor dreams. Rugs serve a multitude of purposes and are readily available in every size, shape, style and price point imaginable. The only difficult part is deciding ...

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Young girl sitting on a carpeted living room floor with a dog

How Often Should I Vacuum?

We hear this question a lot. The best carpet or rug in the world won’t perform well if you don’t vacuum regularly. To get the most out of your soft surface flooring, it’s important to adopt a regular maintenance routine. No matter the product, you can extend your carpet’s life by vacuuming ...

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Antelope hide style carpet

Going Bold (But Neutral!) with Antelope

Monica Benavidez of the lifestyle blog Monica Wants It gives the details on her new Karastan custom carpet bound rug and her interior design style.Why I Love KarastanI’ve always been a fan of Karastan because of their high quality and vast selection of gorgeous floor coverings. As one of the High ...

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Mother and daughter sitting on carpeted floor with dog

SmartStrand Carpet: Tested and Proven Through the Years

For homeowners everywhere, especially families on-the-go, it’s a battle as old as time: beautiful carpet versus an active home. On one hand, you love the idea of a plush, soft carpet that the family can lay out and play on together, but then you think of the kids and pets constantly making messes ...

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Soft looking carpet in a bright living room

Guide to the Best Soft Carpet

Who doesn’t love soft carpet? The feeling of sinking your bare toes into the lush pile is so luxurious. But when shopping for soft carpet, your tootsies will only tell you part of the story. What about staining? What about durability?This guide will walk you through the information you need to ...

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Beige carpet flooring under a yellow ottoman

Can Carpet be Hypoallergenic?

We spend a lot of time indoors, which means our flooring is always getting dirty and dusty and receiving A LOT of foot traffic. Overall, this combo is not very friendly to allergy sufferers, especially when it comes to carpet. So, here’s the BIG question. Can carpet be hypoallergenic? Your ...

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Carpet in an open concept living room

How much carpet do I need?

Estimating for new carpet may seem confusing. Most rooms aren’t perfect rectangles, so it’s hard to measure. Then when you go shopping, some prices are in square feet, some are in square yards. And what about padding and installation? How do you know if you’re comparing apples to apples?Help is ...

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Bright bedroom with light carpet floors

Step by Step Guide for Carpet Replacement

Picking new carpet for your home can be a demanding process, but you’re not in it alone! Ashley Phipps is an interior designer turned DIY and craft blogger who went through the process of picking new carpet for her home and documented the entire project, from the initial selection all the way ...

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Colorful room with clean carpet flooring

The Best Carpet Fiber For Your Lifestyle

You want your home to look its best, but some days it seems like your family and pets are conspiring against you. Let’s face it, it’s not realistic to cordon off entire rooms only for guests or to ban all food from the den. Messes and wear are bound to happen. To find a carpet that will stand up to ...

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Cat sleeping on soft carpet flooring

4 Tips for Selecting Pet-Proof Carpet

If you have a pet at home, you’re in good company. More than 85 million households in America include at least one pet, and for good reason. These fuzzy, scaled, and feathered critters provide many benefits to their humans. While pets of every classification and breed provide companionship, lower ...

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